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I was using the Canvas App, and, I am no longer able to use it. Did something change?

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Yes. Shasta College switched a a Single Sign-On interface called Portal Guard. When Canvas updated their App to the most current version, a compatibility issue arose causing logging into the Shasta College Canvas site prohibitive.

If you were using the Canvas App in the past, we highly recommend that you switch to a browser such as Google Chrome or FireFox (Android or IoS), or Safari (IoS) on your Mobile Device. We discourage the use of Safari on Android Devices and the use of the Android Internet browsers as there are known compatibility issues with these apps. 

Note: the app is a great resource for reading content. However, we want you to know that there have been issues with students submitting Assignments, responding to Discussions, and taking quizzes. Use of the app for these can have unexpected and often undesirable results. There is currently no resolution to this issue. We highly recommend that you log in from a browser (like Chrome or Firefox). However, it is always a good idea to use the most current release of any app you choose to use.